non-slip pneumatic drive wheels
Stainless steel gear and adjusting rods
robust plastic container

Hand-guided centrifugal spreader for spreading granular fertiliser and granulated spreading material. Easy to use, ideal for homes and yards, residential complexes, schools, restaurants, petrol stations, etc. Container made of impact-resistant plastic, spread rate easily adjustable from the handle, with stirring device, plastic-encapsulated angular gear, handy pneumatic drive wheels.

Variants and prices

SP-125 399,00 €
All price quotations are non-binding recommendations including German VAT.


Adjustable amount of spreading material

The amount of spreading material can be easily dosed via a regulating lever.

Drive unit made of stainless steel

The axle of the drive unit and the gear wheels in the gearbox are made of stainless steel. This guarantees a long lifetime.

Pneumatic tyres

The pneumatic tyres prevent slipping on the ice and provide better grip.

Optionale innovative Seitenauswurfbegrenzung

Über den innovativen Regulierungsmechanismus können Sie wählen, ob Streugut im Halb- oder nur Viertelkreis ausgeworfen wird. Dadurch können Sie den Schleuderstreuer auch in engen Passagen verwenden, ohne dass Streugut in Beete gelangt oder an parkende Autos geworfen wird.


Container-volume 25 l
Drive type hand-guided
Spreading width 4 m
Adjustable spread rate
Weight 12 kg
Tyres 4.10-3,5-6 N


All price quotations are non-binding recommendations including German VAT.