SP-340 Flex-Select

patented 3-in-1 spreading system
pull or push
non-slip pneumatic tyres
Stainless steel adjustable linkage

Larger hand-guided centrifugal spreader for spreading granulated fertiliser and granulated spreading material. Rectangular basic shape. Easy to use, ideal for schools, hotels, gas stations, etc. Even uneven terrain can be spread effortlessly. Container made of impact-resistant plastic, spread rate easily adjustable from the handle, with new fully encapsulated gearbox, handy pneumatic drive wheels. Special feature: Three exchangeable spreading inserts, depending on the application and spreading material, are available.

Variants and prices

SP-340 479,00 €
SP-340ES 865,00 €
All price quotations are non-binding recommendations including German VAT.


Adjustable amount of spreading material

The amount of spreading material can be easily dosed via a regulating lever.

Drive unit made of stainless steel

The axle of the drive unit and the gear wheels in the gearbox are made of stainless steel. This guarantees a long lifetime.

Pneumatic tyres

The pneumatic tyres prevent slipping on the ice and provide better grip.

Patented spreading system

The completely newly developed spreading system has 6 oscillating stirring fingers. These do not have to rotate through the spreading material. They draw light circles. Clogging is almost impossible.


Container-volume 40 l
Drive type hand-guided
Spreading width 4 m
Adjustable spread rate
Weight 12 kg
Tyres 4.10-3,5-6 N


All price quotations are non-binding recommendations including German VAT.