316 km/h air velocity
Adjustable airflow direction
Wide back-up roller

Wheeled blower for leaves, grass, straw and other loose bulk materials. The airflow can be adjusted upwards to blow residual leaves from bushes. The wide back-up roller leaves no tracks on wet ground. The blowing direction is continuously variable adjustable from the guide rail, furthermore the height of the spar can be adjusted, too. In addition, the device is vibration-damped in order to be able to work comfortably.

Variants and prices

EB-9013 3.695,00 €
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wide back-up roller

In contrast to support wheels, the wide back-up roller of the surface blower leaves practically no tracks in the wet ground. It overcomes annoying unevenness more easily, protects the user against recoil and needs less effort for pushing.

ball bearing wheels

The ball-bearing wheels make the area blower very easy to push and provide excellent maneuverability.

soft handles

The handles are padded with soft rubber. This protects the hands in cold weather.

adjustable airflow

If required, the air flow can also be adjusted upwards at various angles. Leaves, rubbish and snow can be blown even from trees or bushes.

easy to handle

All main functions such as adjusting the blowing direction, regulating the speed and adjusting the handle height can be conveniently operated from the handlebar of the wheeled blower.

adjustable air flow direction

Depending on requirements and the task at hand, the flap for adjusting the air flow direction can be adjusted from the handlebar of the large blower.


Fuel type Petrol
Engine manufacturer Honda
Type GX-390
Output at 3.000 1/min 6,0 kW
Weight 93 kg
Fuel tank capacity 6,1 l
Sound power level 103 dB(A)
Vibration 4,5 (m/s²)
Max. air volume 5100 m³/h
Max. air velocity 80/316,8 (m/s |km/h)
Thorn-protected wheels
Adjustable airflow direction Right on the handle


Swivel wheel kit
179,00 €

All price quotations are non-binding recommendations including German VAT.