Wheeled Blowers

Effortless cleaning of large surfaces with strong air flow.

Schoolyards, public parking spaces and other landscaped areas can often only be cleaned of leaves, grass and flowers with difficulty. ERCO offers mobile wheeled leaf blowers for all caretakers and area managers to clean these large areas quickly and thoroughly.

ERCO's mobile wheeled leaf blowers have powerful motors that clean walkways and other useful areas effortlessly with their powerful airflow. The adjustable airflow of the mobile leaf blower can even blow leaves from bushes and shrubs. Especially for professional use in area maintenance, a powerful, robust wheeled blower is required: ERCO's leave blowers quickly and efficiently ensure that areas are kept clean and tidy.

Wheeled Blowers-Types

3.345,00 €

Fuel type Petrol
Engine manufacturer Honda
Type GX-270

3.695,00 €

Fuel type Petrol
Engine manufacturer Honda
Type GX-390

4.279,00 €

Fuel type Petrol
Engine manufacturer Honda
Type GX-390

EB-9043P NEW
4.149,00 €

besonders lärmreduziert
Motor 1,5 kW Asynchroner Elektromotor
Akkulaufzeit ca. 60 Minuten
Akkutechnologie 43 V Technologie

2.395,00 €

Motor Honda GX 160
Leistung (kW / PS) 3,6 kW bei 3.600 U/Min.
Tankinhalt 3,1 Liter