Debris Loaders

Convey large quantities of leaves effortlessly onto the loading area.

Autumn is the time of year when local authorities, or landscape gardeners are busy removing immense amounts of leaves from roads. This work is facilitated by ERCO's innovative debris loaders, which can effortlessly transport large quantities of leaves to the loading plattform of a wide variety of vehicles.

ERCO offers a practical solution for leaf clearance where rakes and brooms require a huge amount of work and time: The powerful debris loaders transport the leaves to loading plattforms very fast. Especially the landscape and area caretakers need efficient equipment with which the autumnal leafy mountains can be loaded quickly and cleanly. With their robust technology and precise operation, ERCO's leaf loading machines offer the perfect solution for fast, effortless leaf loading.

Debris Loaders-Types

4.125,00 €

Engine Honda GX-270
Output at 3.600 1/min. 6,6 kW
max. Air Volume 4.300 m³/h

4.579,00 €

Engine Honda GX-270
Output at 3.600 1/min. 6,6 kW
Max. air volume 4.500 m³/h

4.789,00 €

Engine Honda GX-390
Output at 3.600 1/min. 9,6 kW
Max. air volume 4.700 m³/h

7.910,00 €

Engine Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
Output at 3.600 1/min. 13,2 kW
Max. air volume 4.900 m³/h