Remove weeds from kerbs and paved areas

It is not only local authorities that are aware of the problem: herbaceous wild flowers such as field mustard, wood sorrel or dandelion develop rapidly and make their way through paved areas. Unscheduled and unsightly plant growth often leads to long-term damage and impairs the appearance of well-kept properties. But don't worry - weed brushes make it easy and thorough to remove weeds.

The natural alternative to chemical weed killers

Whether on business property, sidewalks, parking lots or access roads, environmentally sound weed management is essential today and a recurring challenge in property maintenance. As a natural alternative to chemical weed killers - which are prohibited by law - weed brushes offer a safe and effective cleaning technique, especially for edged boundaries such as kerbs and kerbs and all paved surfaces.

Since the removal of weeds with chemicals, salt or vinegar from sealed surfaces is not permitted for environmental reasons, the disturbing plants are occasionally removed with infrared heat in addition to mechanical removal with a weed brush. The combination of hot air and infrared heat destroys the protein structures of the weed, causing the plant to die. However, this method has a considerable disadvantage: as the weed only shrinks and is not completely destroyed, this process must be repeated every three to four weeks to avoid rapid regrowth. In addition, this method must be started early because the plant cannot be thermally removed once it has reached a height of about ten centimetres.

In contrast, mechanical weed killing with tines or bristles not only tears out the weeds but also the roots almost completely and thus counteracts regrowth in the long term.

Ecological, effective and efficient - right down to the last corner

It is not without reason that professionals increasingly rely on effective and effective weed removal with weed brushes. As a specialist for cleaning machines, ERCO offers EWB-35HO-03, a professional solution for careful surface cleaning and property maintenance. Thanks to the innovative brush head with a total of six wire braids and quick-change system, weeds and other debris can be removed almost completely and mechanically. In addition, the quick-change system requires no additional screws, which makes handling much easier.

Especially along edges, removing weeds can become a difficult task. With the brush that can be swivelled on both sides, these problems are a thing of the past. A highlight when it comes to operation is the ergonomic, tool-free folding rail guide, which promises optimum working conditions.

The Honda GCV 160 engine built into the weed brush is also impressive: The high quality engine is not only characterised by a high power and cubic capacity ratio, but is also very easy to start thanks to the automatic decompression system. In addition to low fuel and oil consumption, the engine also delivers maximum performance with a pleasant background noise level.

Since municipalities are responsible for the maintenance of numerous public areas, weed brushes sometimes have to be transported from time to time. For this purpose, ERCO has developed a robust and non-slip protection made of sturdy checker plate with which the device can be loaded and fastened in an instant.

Let's get going!