Swivelled ejection bow around 320°

Connected to the platform gate, the LG-900HO debris blower fills even the largest loading platforms. Effortless work due to the support of the hose boom. The complete ejection bow can be swivelled around 320°. The hose extension comes with a support roller.

Variants and prices

LG-1800 7.910,00 €
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very robust impeller

The extremely resistant impeller of the leaf debriss loader offers very high durability against extreme loads caused by clogged leaf masses, stones and debris.

V-belt drive

If the impeller is directly mounted on the crankshaft the Engine gets strong impacts from the sucked material. The V-belt drive reduces these impacts. This ensures a long service life for the engine.

double housing

The double housing bottom of the loading blower protects the housing from damage by rough waste and stone chips. This guarantees a long lifetime of the unit.

settling rack

The LG-900 vacuum cleaner can be easily suspended from the side of the vehicle by using of the telescopic, settling rack (optional available)

precise Handling

The small support roller allows the suction nozzle to be directed precisely and effortlessly into corners and angles. The 20 centimetre opening also allows large amounts of leaves to be quickly sucked in with the debriss loaders.

transparent hose

The transparent suction hose makes it easy to control the material flow at any time. Any blockage can be quickly and easily located and removed at any time.


Engine Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
Output at 3.600 1/min. 13,2 kW
Max. air volume 4.900 m³/h
Weight 200 kg
V-belt drive
Adjustable air diffuser
Ø Suction hose 20 cm
Length suction hose 4 m
Sound power level 104 dB(A)


Settling rack
1.425,00 €

Electric start
199,00 €

309,00 €

All price quotations are non-binding recommendations including German VAT.