Professional Vaccum Cleaners

Professional leafe and waste Cleaning for Caretakers

Caretakers and area managers with responsibility for large areas appreciate ERCO wheeled vacuum cleaners with petrol or electric engiens for efficient and fast leaf and waste disposal on sidewalks, schoolyards and car parks. The top models of the ERCO VAC series are not only robust and durable, but also they have a very low-noise design, this making them the quietest units in their class.

On footpaths and bigger places, wet leaves in particular are a considerable safety risk for visitors. With an ERCO VAC vacuum cleaner, leaves and other waste lying around are quickly and stress-free collected - even if they are wet. The since years aproved cleaners of our Professional series are extremely durable and optimally equipped for professional use.

All over the World a lot of caretakers, cleaning companies, service companies and municipalities rely on the performance of ERCO vacuum cleaners to master the annual challenge of leaf and waste disposal.


50% less noise

in differenz to standard technology

Battery models

without emisssion, much quieter

Petrol models

with less fuel consumption

German engineering

with a lot of know-how and passion

Vaccum Cleaners for Professional users-Types

2.229,00 €

Engine Honda GP-160
Output at 3.600 1/min. 3,6 kW (4,8 PS)
Drive System Pushed

2.689,00 €

Engine Honda GP-160
Output at 3.600 1/min. 3,6 kW (4,8 HP)
Drive System 1 Gear Transmisson

Now 3.059,00 € instead of 3.219,00 €

leiseste Laubsauger ihrer Klasse
Engine Honda GX-160
Output at 3.600 1/min. 3,6 kW (4,8 HP)
Drive System 7-Gear Drive System

3.589,00 €

besonders lärmreduziert
leiseste Laubsauger ihrer Klasse
Engine Honda GX-160
Output at 3.600 1/min. 3,6 kW (4,8 HP)
Drive System 7-Gear Drive System

4.499,00 €

leiseste Laubsauger ihrer Klasse
Engine Honda GX-160
Output at 3.600 1/min. 3,6 kW (4,8 HP)
Drive System 7-Gear Drive System

What you find on the way from the parking lot's to the entrance of an office buildings: Small liquor bottles, coffee cups, cigarette butts, crown caps, ice sticks. The composition of waste is so different as the modern life. In order not to have to whirl up this dirt with noisy leaf blowers and blow it together, there are waste vacuum cleaners that suck up the ground with their powerful turbines and ensure a clean cityscape, sales-promoting cleanliness in front of shop rows, a clean campus and a well-kept business area. The universal vacuum cleaners can be used outdoors on all types of surfaces: asphalt, concrete, tiles, paving, grass, gravel, cinder track, tartan track, etc. With a width of only 78 cm, all ERCO waste vacuum cleaners fit through narrow passageways and even through most walkway gates.

How I find the best vacuum cleaner?

There are a number of different self propelled waste vacuum cleaners and leaf vacuum cleaners, but only few are suitable for professional use in an commercial area. The question which machine is the best solution for waste collection or leaf collection cannot be answered across the board.

It depent's on a lot of different factors:

  • How often you would like to use the maschine and how big is the surface?
  • Use in residential areas or on company grounds?
  • All season use or only for the autumn season?
  • Commercial or private use?
  • Using in uneven terrains?

If you only use the machine on your own (large) grounds then, you can work with a simpler model and reduce the purchase price of the waste vacuum cleaner by compromising comfort and performance. However, anyone who earns money by using a leaf vacuum cleaner sets different standards. For professional use, a self propelled machine is the basic requirement, because a collection bag filled with wet leaves weights about 200 kg and can therefore only be pushed safely on flat ground. Even slight slopes carry the risk of accidents and collisions. Slopes expose the operator to very dangerous situations with a high risk of injury.

Which drive system it the right one?

There are vaccum cleaners with following systems available:

For most applications a drive system is helpful, in some cases even necessary. Thanks to the drive system, even a heavy leaf vacuum cleaner can be easily raised up any steep ramp, moved smoothly and in a straight line through narrow passages and guided along curbs and walls in a controlled manner.

Industrial and municipal cleaning of leaves and waste - noise and personal work protection

Noise is always an important topic for landscape gardeners, city cleaners and area caretakers. This is not only about the operating noises that disturb people residents and customers, but first and foremost about the health hazard to the operators. Anyone who collects waste and damp leaves with a mobile leaf vacuum cleaner for many hours and days can become ill from noise and vibration. ERCO was the first and is still the leading supplier of noise-reduced waste vacuum cleaners. Each new series improves suction performance, improves ergonomics and reduces noise emissions. If the machine is more low noise, also the vibration values are less. This all togehter improves the healty of the operator.

In general, occupational safety is an important issue and ERCO's leaf and waste vacuum cleaners are designed for long-term use by professional users: The universal vacuum cleaners are easy to handle and do not require any special physical requirements. This means that not only a few employees can work with the leaf vacuum cleaners, but practically every gardener and every caretaker - irrespective of the physical conditions both on hilly terrain and in wet conditions. Requires a model with hydrostatic transmission.